My Favourite Things To Do In Cornwall

Cornwall is one of my favourite places to travel in the whole world and there are many good reasons why. I decided that Cornwall probably doesn’t get as much credit as it deserves, so I made this short guide to some of the things that I absolutely love about it. These things keep me coming back, so sit back, relax and enjoy some of the things that make Cornwall special.


Coarse fishing holidays in Cornwall are one of the best ways to enjoy being in the serenity of nature, whilst also interacting with the local wildlife. For me there really isn’t anything I found better about my trip to Cornwall than relaxing in nature and waiting for the thrill of a fish to come along. There are a lot of places where it is possible to fish

Food and drink

Cornish pasties and ale are world famous, but once you actually go there, your local pasties and beer will just never taste the same ever again. The sheer number of breweries in Cornwall is absolutely perfect and I have always enjoyed going to Skinner’s Brewery to sample and take a tour of the brewery. I always try to go and visit a different one every time I am there and it is always an absolute pleasure.


The beaches of Cornwall are known for their extremely high quality water and white sand, that is not a common sight in England, which is well known for pebble beaches. My personal favourite has to be Perranporth beach and I was lucky enough to be staying very close to here in Perran Springs.

It is even possible to surf in Cornwall and is perhaps the best location to surf in all of the United Kingdom. My personal favourite for this is Gwithian, it combines a remoteness and high quality surf that more or less sums up what I like about Cornwall.

Other attractions

Cornwall is filled with many other attractions that you should see. My personal highlight is of course anywhere along the rocky cliffs that meet the coast, but more specifically I have always enjoyed walking along the coast. One of the best walks I ever did in Cornwall was from Land’s End to Sennen Cove. It is very short and manageable for anyone at just over 2 kilometres in length. This gives you the opportunity to experience the wonderful view of Land’s End without all the local traffic. I also enjoyed wandering around the rocks when the tide was low, this was certainly a highlight.