Start A Travel Blog Today


It may sound like a dream but one day you may know how to make money with a travel blog, but this seems like a way away. Of course it will take some work, but of course the first step is actually starting a travel blog. Many people think this is very difficult, but it doesn’t have to be and here are some quick and easy steps for getting your first travel blog up and running.

Pick a name

A name is everything and most of all your brand. Picking a good and relevant name is very important for your blog. A good name is always one that can grow with your blog, so don’t make it something like “broke traveller”, because your travel adventures may not always be this way and you may find that your audience changes. In this case you don’t want to be called a name like this. It just doesn’t fit your brand and you can’t grow with it and you will always be stuck in a certain niche!

Get a website

There are so many options for this, but I would recommend starting a WordPress website and going from there. You could also get your own domain name, which will always help to add to your branding. I would highly recommend doing this! There is nothing that screams a lack of professionality than a free website, and it really doesn’t cost too much to have your own.

Start writing

Any good blog has good content, and the best way to produce the best content is to be authentic and write about your experiences, not a mere list of things that you did. Good content is of course engaging and makes people want more, so write about the things that matter. This could be anything, you just need to have a little bit of creativity to get your point across.

Add pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words, so you can get 1500 in a 500 word blog post. Of course this makes your blog look and feel better and you can easily take people on a journey with your blog. Some things just can’t be described in words, so it is better to have a picture to complement your article.