Top Activities in New Zealand’s North Island

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and it’s even split into two islands offering tourists and locals alike twice the beauty! Visited by millions every year, from backpackers to families, New Zealand’s North Island has so much natural wonder to offer, and that’s before you even get to try the cuisine. With spectacular beaches, wonderful hospitality and a range of traditional and contemporary hotels lining the coast, New Zealand is a hotspot for holidaymakers this year, so let’s take a look at what amazing activities can be experienced on the North Island!


The Bay of Islands and Northland

The north of New Zealand offers a subtropical climate, from the vibrant city of Auckland to the tip of the country. Not only are there a wealth of highways allowing even the most rookie traveller to experience a road trip of a life time, but the iconic Bay of Islands is an area of discovery that simply can’t be missed. The northland of New Zealand is a tale of two stories, both as interesting and diverse as the other. With the east coast offering exciting, urban city life, home to luxury malls, resorts and theme parks, the west coast is a soulful and rugged stretch of glorious sand, where the ‘real’ New Zealand can be found.

The Bay of Islands’ biggest attraction is its natural beauty, and there’s no better way to experience this than to take a boat cruise across the water. Or better yet, there are plenty of opportunities to swim with dolphins, fish in the moonlight, or simply just relax in the sun. If you like visiting historical places while holidaying, then you’ll certainly want to see the magnificent Tane Mahuta, the west coast’s kauri tree – the biggest one in existence!


You can’t talk about New Zealand’s North Island without mentioning its most popular city, Auckland. Offering an amazing combination of vibrant city lifestyle and wonderful scenery, Auckland is a place of endless adventures for the family as well as the single traveller. Home to nearly two million people, it’s the largest city in New Zealand, and also the transport hub of the country. No matter where you live in Auckland, you’re never too far away from a beach, something than many European cities cannot compete with. Furthermore, as the city is surrounded by spectacular mountains and roaming countryside, there are numerous hiking and mountain biking trails that should be missed.

Described as a natural playground, Auckland is more than just a city; it’s a diverse landscape with a quality of living far higher than anywhere else in the world. It’s a city where you can immerse yourself with modern elements of city life, while also experiencing scenic and natural wonders quite easily too. With nearly 50 volcanoes dotted across the region, the Auckland skyscraper skyline offers a fantastic contrast as the sun descends over the molten hillsides , making the city a must-visit destination during your trip to the north of New Zealand this year.