Volunteering in North America – The Best Opportunities

There is no better way to achieve a fulfilling gap year than combining it with volunteer activities that will not only enrich you but others too. In a world full of humanitarian and environmental needs there is never a shortage of volunteer projects to engage in.



Camp America gives you an opportunity to travel, engage in numerous fun activities, meet new people , experience different cultures and also extend a helping hand to those in need. The feeling that you get when you know that you are working to help someone who truly needs your help is purely unrivalled and fills you with joy. There is also plenty of opportunity to combine with travelling further in North America, where before or after you can hop on an internal flight with United Airlines and visit anywhere you can dream of!

Camp America holds different themed camping opportunities for children from all over the world; from faith based camps, Girl Scout camps, sports to underprivileged camps. This is where you come in; you may work as a counselor to counsel the children and impact their lives positively, this has nothing to do with psychology rather you look after the wellbeing of the children and take part in their activities. All you need is to be young at heart and be able to enjoy the company of children.

The other area to volunteer in Camp America is the Campower area where you do not require to spend time with children but work as member of support staff which means you do not stay with the campers as the counselors do but mostly play behind the scenes and the work is more scheduled with more time offs.  You however have to specialize in a certain area kitchen activities, housekeeping or office orderliness and maintenance. Here you get to learn more life skills, get more after camp payment and more travel time after camp. This camp definitely comes in handy because you learn a lot about life in general as well as child care.


Jasper is an authentic mountain town with magnificent views of the surrounding mountains and sparkling water bodies.  In summer, Jasper is normally filled to the brim with tourists seeking to explore its beauty. You can volunteer to work in its many parks as you also enjoy its environs and help visitors as you provide information about the park and its animals. You can also provide skilled support or labor force needed to restore facilities in the park as you also gain skills of your own. There are also lots of opportunities for hospitality jobs in Jasper, both paid and voluntary so you can really immerse yourself in the tourist industry if that is something you are interested in pursuing as a career.

If you are an outdoor person volunteering in Canada is the ideal place for you. The Jasper National Park gives you an opportunity to savour its natural beauty as you work in any of the following fields, park wardens, interpreters, historians, archeologists or even administrative jobs. The jobs are part time or full time, temporary or seasonal depending on your choice and availability. Whether you are a student or not you will find great opportunity to assist many people in the areas that you will choose to work in. You will improve your skills, enhance your experience and meet different people during your volunteer program.